The State Fair of Texas revealed the winners of its 18th annual Big Tex Choice Awards on Sunday.

The prizes were awarded for “Best Taste Savory,” “Best Taste Sweet,” and “Most Creative,” with each dish being examined by a panel of judges. Deep Fried BLT, Deep Fried Rocky Road with Blue Bell Ice Cream, and Chicharon Explosion Nachos were among the other finalists.

Nonetheless, only three could be picked. Check out the winners below!

SAVORY Fried Charcuterie Board by Tami Nevin-Mayes and Josey Mayes, BEST TASTE

The Fried Charcuterie Board is a mixture of mozzarella cheese, salami, and green apples mixed in olive oil, Italian herbs, and balsamic vinegar, in the style of a contemporary party dish. It is then wrapped in wonton wrapper and cooked. Finally, the fried masterpiece is drizzled with hot honey and topped with creamy goat cheese.

SWEET State Fair of Texas Peanut Butter Paradise by Chris Easter and Nicole Sternes, BEST TASTE

A deep-fried honeybun is infused with caramel and coated with peanut butter to start the peanut-themed dish. After that, the dish is piled with peanut butter delights such as Reese’s Pieces, Butterfinger crumbles, peanut butter cups, a caramel drizzle, and powdered sugar. So… yeah. It’s very cool, you guys.

The Garza Family’s Cha-Cha-Chata at the State Fair of Texas

The dish, inspired by the famed cha-cha dance, begins with blended milk and vanilla ice cream, followed by the Garza family’s secret horchata recipe. The drink is then put into a cup with a caramel and cinnamon rim and topped with whipping cream, crushed candies, cinnamon galletas de gragea (sprinkle cookies), and deep-fried arroz con leche pieces. The straw used to drink the finished product comes with a churro because, well, why not?

The State Fair of Texas will be held from September 30 to October 23. has more information and ticket sales.